Happy New Year 2021

With the newest COVID-19 lockdown, health care providers are not affected. Shallow Lake Physiotherapy will remain open during the lockdown.  However, I am restricted on my hours until kids are back in school.

I have opened up my online booking, if you are a returning patient you can book online at the following link


If you are a new patient please email me and we will see where we can fit you in. Until kids are back in school I may be limited on taking on new patients.

Thank you so much for your patience during this bizarre time in our lives.

Please try and keep active with some online exercise programs, outdoor activities (walking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing), set up a challenge with a friend to do push ups, squats and planks every day. Anything just keep moving for your mental and physical health.

Eat well – What we eat is SO important to how our body performs. Reach out to Cassidy Neiser to help you achieve your nutritional needs.  https://cassidyneiser.com/

Sleep well – Sleep is how we heal… look up this guy, read his book. Matthew Walker on “Why we sleep”

Move well – Just move – hit every position everyday… Yoga is a great way to achieve this. There are many local yoga instructors doing online Yoga during the lockdown.  https://cedarwellnessstudio.ca/ https://www.connectrehab.com/ and many more…

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